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Security System for 'Roman Domus Dominia'

© Martine Moeykens - 2008 - Roman domus dominia a virtual home - the presentation boxThanks for buying the 'Roman Domus Dominia v1.5', I hope that you that your time in your new home will be very enjoyable for you and your family. This home was designed for comfortable living and with the accent on beauty and a touch of meditative space.
So now you are wondering how to use the security system which comes with this home.

The security system is located in the 'tablinium', the room right behind the peristyle garden. When you stand in front of the security system you see two squares: the left blue one is for the actual security, the right yellow one is for the lights & blinds. There are no lights in this house so only the blinds can be turned on or off by the avatars on the control list.

We will first look at the 'Security System' box (blue box)

Security System

 Click on the blue box for the security system. © Martine Moeykens 2008 - First bluecard for security with 2 choices
     ...then click on 'Settings' ----> © Martine Moeykens 2008 - Second bluecard for security with 2 choices

Edit Guest/ban and Control lists

© Martine Moeykens - Edit view of security prim of Roman Domus

Now right-click on the 'Security System' prim and choose 'Edit'.
Then choose the 'Content' tab.
You have different notecards in the contents: 'Ban List', Control List', 'Guest List'. For each of these lists you need to decide who will be on this list.
Ban List is the list of avatars whom you want to ban from your house.
Control List is the list of avatars who are allowed to make changes to the control settings, so that would be yourself and your wife.
Guest List is the list of avatars who are allowed in your home even when the security system is turned on.

To change the above lists: open the notecard by clicking on it, then put your cursor after the last name and type the name of the avatar. Make sure that you write the spelling of the name correctly, keep lowercase letters as lowercase etc.

When you have added the new names to the lists, save your changes (file / save) and close the notecard and click out of 'Edit'.

Click again on the 'Security System' prim and in the blue card, the same as Fig. 4, click on 'Use Guest' to activate the guest list, or 'Use Ban' to activate the ban list.

Warn time

When the Security System is turned on it will warn an intruder that they are on private property. The 'warn time' is the time between the warning to the intruder and the their ejection from your property. Click on 'warn time' to change the time to 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 seconds.


Martine Moeykens - Blue card for ejection This is to turn the ejection of any unwanted avatars from your land using the llEjectFromParcel command. This method is not always allowed and you need to read the land regulations to see if you are allowed to use this system. It is not a favourite method.