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Design, beauty & peace - 20 March 2009

I love designing, it is something which permeates my whole living, whether it is simply choosing the colour of my clothes in the morning or organising my household. Design to me is akin to beauty, an externalisation of my inner process regarding beauty & contentment with life.
Beauty is a process of contemplation at times, like sitting beside the open fire and gazing at the flames, this simple scene which happens usually at night refreshes my soul and clears any stress, just to leave my soul at its most simple and beautiful state.

Beauty creates peace in my being and peace to my environment. Peace then is the most important ingredient of my life because it is the base from which I start any activity.

Natural order of things - 21 March 2009

Yesterday I was talking with my best friend on the web, he needed some help with a text he had to compile but somehow we got off the subject and he talked about the 'natural' reaction. By natural he meant reacting to circumstances with a peaceful approach, reflecting on one's course of action with serenity and deciding what course to follow with the same serenity. It has been 4 years end April since we last saw each other in real physical life. Many things have happened since but we both wish that the time for us to meet in real life again will happen this year. such is the natural order of things, making the 'wait period' a time to progress emotionally, physically and mentally, as life is a constant progression and continual acceptance of new challenges. A non-acceptance of those challenges can create a chronic problem in our being.

These are 2 pages from the manual I am writing for the moment since September 2008; it is now March 2009 and I hope to have finished the 3 parts of this manual by the end of 2009. The page below explains the CSS box in web pages.

© M.Y.Moeykens - Webdesign Manual Part 1 - CSS box explained - 2009
This page below is illustrating the difference between a vector and a raster image.

© M.Y.Moeykens - Page 81 of Webdesign Manual Part 1 - 2009
All designs are made in Adobe Illustrator CS3 then saved as .pdf.

© Copyright   Martine Y. Moeykens - 2003 - 2009


Serenity, the natural approach requires 'patience' an important ingredient which has degraded slowly but surely in our western society of 'want' and 'get'.
It wasn't always like that as I remember my older kids who are now early 30 ies were happy to wait a whole month for a small magnetic animal in plastic as a reward for good grades at school. My younger teenagers would never even come up with that sort of thinking as they have been used to 'get' gadgets since a young age.
Patience and waiting for the natural time in our life to acquire and care for something goes together; it requires emotional acceptance of the responsability which comes with 'having something'...